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Export a Car specializes in export of new and pre-owned vehicles transporting your vehicle safely from UAE  to the rest of the world. We allow international buyers to search, buy, request and export any vehicle of their choice. Our company uses the combination of in-land and oceanic transportation to deliver the purchased vehicles directly to you.

Exportacar is the UAE’s leading vehicle export specialist offering a complete service to companies and individuals who want to source cars, motorcycles and trucks from the UAE to ship worldwide. 

With over 20 years worldwide automotive experience our team of experts can source , inspect , mechanically evaluate , purchase and ship vehicles from the UAE to the rest of the world. 

Our Buying service protects the buyer allowing you to quickly and confidently proceed with a purchase as you would if the vehicle was in your own country. 

Dubai Based

We are based in the center of Dubai allowing us to inspect any available vehicles within 24 hours

Experienced Team

20 years experience in purchasing, inspecting and exporting cars

Fixed Quotes

Fixed price service to help you buy the vehicle at the lowest cost.

Professionally Trained Mechanics

The most accurate pre-purchase inspection reports available in the UAE today

What are the risks buying cars or motorcycles from the UAE ?

As an overseas buyer looking to purchase a vehicle, there are many pitfalls. Maybe the car is being sold by a seller who does not speak your language , maybe the vehicle has been in an accident or has poor mechanical condition , maybe the seller has many fines on his account so he cannot afford to pay them off meaning he can’t transfer the vehicle, maybe the car is owned by the bank.

Even if everything seems to be ok how do you know the seller will transfer the vehicle to you and export the vehicle once they have received your money ? 

Our service ensures all these risks are minimised and our experts manage the whole process from initial enquiry until handing the vehicle over to the shipping company.

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