UAE specification cars are usually much higher than their American or European equivalents, and the low taxes mean new cars are often thousands cheaper than the equivalent car in USA or the EU. 

Due to the affluent population of the UAE who update their cars every year, used cars depreciate very fast. This means the used car market is full of vehicles that are considerably cheaper than the equivalent cars in other countries worldwide. 

  • Fake adverts trying to tempt overseas buyers into sending money for cars that do not exist 
  • Cars being advertised by agents posing as the registered owner when in fact they do not own the car. 
  • Cars being advertised as owned by the seller when in fact they are owned by the bank. 
  • Cars with accident damage 
  • Cars with hidden mechanical faults 
  • Sellers who receive money for the car then do not transfer the car into the buyer’s name or ship the car 
  • Sellers who receive money for the car and then realise they cannot afford pay off the bank 
  • Sellers who receive money but then realise they have fines at the Dubai RTA and cannot afford to pay those fines (a vehicle cannot be transferred to the new owner unless all fines have been paid)

As part of the Exportacar inspection package, we will ensure

  • We visit the vehicle and ensure the vehicle is physically available here in the UAE 
  • We ensure the seller actually owns the vehicle and that the car is free from any loans and ready to be transferred to the buyer upon receipt of payment 
  • We do a Pre Purchase Inspection (PPI) to inspect the condition of the vehicle and provide 50 photographs, 2 walkaround videos and an inspection of the vehicle which will be sent to the buyer via email / whatsapp. 
  • We check the UAE accident database and check for any evidence of insurance claims / accidents against the vehicle. 
  • We finalise the price from the seller and request an invoice on the buyers behalf. 
  • We can then purchase the car on the buyers behalf (send the money to us) or you can send the money to the seller. 
  • Once the payment has cleared, we will take possession of the vehicle and accompany the seller to the RTA to complete the paperwork in the buyers name. 
  • Once the export certificate has been completed in the buyers name we liaise with the nominated shipping company and handover the vehicle for shipping.

PPI Mechanic Inspection

  • 110 point mechanical inspection from professional UK qualified mechanic including test drive at sellers location


PPI Workshop Inspection 

  • Full vehicle inspection in either our partner workshop or the vehicles main dealer


Cash Handling

  • Buyer transfers vehicle amount to Exportacar , we handle paying the seller and purchase vehicle on your behalf and give vehicle to your nominated shipping company


Additional Costs 

RTA Fees (outside of buying service)

Transport (outside of what is included in shipping companies quotation )

Mechanical / Paint / Bodywork / Wheel refurb