How does the Export a Car buying service work?

We charge a one off inspection / management fee that covers our time and expertise from the initial enquiry, inspecting the vehicle, purchasing the vehicle on your behalf, completing all export paperwork in your name and finally handing the vehicle over to your nominated shipper. 

Full buying service

  • Pre Purchase Inspections for up to 3 vehicles (50 pictures / 2 videos / seller verification / UAE Accident check / 100 point report)
  • Purchase management – request invoice from seller
  • Export Paperwork Completion
  • Vehicle management – Ensure vehicle is taken to RTA after payment is cleared, registered in overseas buyers name and then handed over to shipping company.
  • Ensure all invoice / sales documents / buyer details accompany vehicle on handover to shipping company.
  • All RTA costs (export certificate etc) are charged at cost price
  • Total price 2500 AED
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Additional Services

PPI Mechanic Inspection

110 point mechanical inspection from professional UK qualified mechanic including test drive at sellers location
350 AED

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PPI Workshop Inspection

Full vehicle inspection in either our partner workshop or the vehicles main dealer
Independent workshop
Agency inspection
550 AED

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Cash Handling

Buyer transfers vehicle amount to Exportacar , we handle paying the seller and purchase vehicle on your behalf and give vehicle to your nominated shipping company

Additional Services

RTA Fees (outside of buying service)
Transport (outside of what is included in shipping companies quotation )
Mechanical / Paint / Bodywork / Wheel refurb

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